World’s First 3D-Printed Superyacht


Credit: Mark/unsplash

In recent years, 3D printing has become primarily associated with top-tier hypercars but the innovative design protocol has now made the leap into superyachts with the 88m PEGASUS from innovative design firm jozeph forakis … design. Looking straight out of a James Bond flick, the futuristic watercraft was reportedly conceived on a beach in Koufonissi, Greece. Designer Forakis said his goal was to blend the natural and artificial elements as seamlessly as possible. Judging by its near-invisible silhouette, it’s hard to argue against him.

“I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline,” Forakis says, “I wanted to honour nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible.”

This desire for “invisibility” drove the designer to develop a true zero emissions yacht that is “invisible both in design and in her environmental impact”. Aside from its jaw-dropping design, which is flanked by sleek surfacing, the biggest highlight of this 88m leviathan is that it uses robotic 3D printing to create a mesh framework integrating both hull and superstructure. This decision translates to a stronger and lighter structure when compared to conventional ones along with using less energy.

The unique exterior design starts with a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and silver metallic finish, which blends chameleon-like with the water’s colours and movements. This foundation at the waterline supports the superstructure with multi-tiered, ephemeral glass wings that shows the clouds and the sky. The 3D printed structure is also visible via the reflective glass at certain angles and lighting conditions along with the triangulated structure allowing light to seep into the interiors.

The same theme is carried over to the interior design with an airy feeling along with a distinct earthy tone to it. Dubbed “Tree of Life” it has a hydroponic garden providing fresh food and air purification. The base of the tree emerges from a reflecting pool on the lower deck and is surrounded by a meditation Zen Garden. The tree extends vertically through all four levels accompanied by a sculptural spiral staircase, which looks absolutely stunning.

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Source: Manofmany


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