World’s First Certified Blue Ammonia Cargo

Credits: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

The world’s first certified blue ammonia cargo was shipped by Saudi Arabia from King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail to Ulsan port in Ulsan, South Korea, as reported by Saudi Gazette.

Blue ammonia

SABIC AGRI-Nutrients and Saudi Aramco have dispatched the world’s first commercial cargo of blue ammonia, which has been received by LOTTE Fine Chemical and is independently certified.

The 25,000 metric tonne ship carrying the cargo left Saudi Arabia in November 2022 and arrived in South Korea on Wednesday.

Given that blue ammonia is regarded as a low-carbon substitute for conventional grey ammonia, this cargo, which is the first of its kind, represents a new turning point in the development of carbon-neutral solutions.

Renewable energy sources

Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, had earlier indicated that the country aspires to become the world’s largest supplier of clean hydrogen products by 2030 through cooperation in this area between SABIC and Saudi Aramco.

With its vast natural gas reserves and an abundance of renewable energy sources, Saudi Arabia will be better equipped to produce clean hydrogen at a price that will make it easier to convert it into ammonia.

Commitment to sustainability

The CEO of SABIC AGRI-Nutrients, Eng. Abdulrahman Shamsalddin reaffirmed the company’s eagerness to keep exploring new avenues for providing clients with value by offering low-carbon solutions that keep up with the most recent problems in the international industry.

These issues, which are connected to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, call for a faster pace of innovation in order to strengthen the commitment to sustainability.

He added that the company’s dedication to making innovation and sustainability the centre of its operations is reflected in this historic milestone, which was symbolised by the delivery of blue ammonia to LOTTE Fine Chemical Company.

Clean ammonia

The shipment will help establish the groundwork for a new journey in the production of ammonia, according to Jung Kyung-moon, CEO of LOTTE Fine Chemical. He also confirmed that his company will continue its efforts to make South Korea a clean energy hub in Asia.

It is significant that Saudi Aramco and SABIC AGRI-Nutrients acquired the world’s first independent certificate identifying in manufacturing of clean ammonia and hydrogen earlier in 2022.

In terms of attempts to create renewable energy options and improve Saudi Arabia’s capacity to export hydrogen and ammonia, this constitutes a substantial accomplishment.


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Source: Saudi Gazette