World’s First Fossil Fuel Registry Launched


Climate campaigners have launched the world’s first registry of fossil fuel reserves, production and emissions, reports Al-Jazeera.

Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is the first large-scale public database to track what is yet to be burned. Its launch coincides with global climate talks set to take place at the UN General Assembly in New York.

The world’s first database for tracking global fossil fuel production, oil and gas reserves, and emissions is set to launch on Monday, according to the Carbon Tracker and Global Energy Monitor.

Available for public use

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is built using data for more than 50,000 fields in 89 countries, which covers about 75% of global reserves, production and emissions. Its launch coincides with climate talks taking place at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

While there has been private data available for purchase, this database is available for public use, a first for a collection of this size. It differs from public data maintained by the International Energy Agency, which looks at demand for fossil fuel, as it tracks what is yet to be burned.

With the Registry, it will be much easier to include expected future emissions into the analysis, and thus to identify and prioritize the companies with the greatest risk of harboring assets likely to become stranded,” said Eric Christian Pedersen, Head of Responsible Investments at the Denmark-based Nordea Asset Management.

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Source: Al-Jazeera