[Watch] World’s First Full-Scale Hydrogen Based Propulsion System Launched


KONGSBERG has set a world record by testing and confirming a full-scale, full-size, zero-emissions drivetrain for ships and ferries driven by hydrogen fuel cells. The experiment shows that the technology for utilising hydrogen (H2) as an energy carrier is now advanced as reported by Kongsberg.

Testing program

The program is the third and final part of the EU funded project “HySeas” which has been running since 2013 to prepare and demonstrate a scalable hydrogen system for ships and ferries.

KONGSBERG has been the technical lead of the project, which has involved participants from Scotland, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and England.

The system will now undertake a 4-month testing program for validation purposes with the aim of verifying the final design for an H2-powered RoPax ferry.

“The world looks to Norway for green and sustainable solutions at sea.”

What KONGSBERG and its partners have succeeded in achieving with this project is yet another proof of the internationally leading competence in the Norwegian maritime cluster.

says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

Practical usage

The testing mirrors the operational loads which would be experienced by a vessel on a route between Kirkwall and Shapinsay in Orkney.

CMAL plans to complete the design in March 2022.

Hydrogen fuel will be generated through wind power at the ferry port.

This means that the next step will be to show the technology in operation and then quickly put in place the surrounding infrastructure.

“Orkney will be the first practical usage of this technology while the Norwegian maritime cluster has the opportunity develop our own pilots and projects here in Norway”, says Egil Haugsdal, President of Kongsberg Maritime.

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Source: Kongsberg


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