World’s First LNG Fueled Bulk Barriers Gets Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Solution


Direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator solution for world’s first LNG fueled handysize bulk carriers


Finland’s ESL Shipping at the Qingshan Shipyard in China has ordered two LNG dual-fueled 25,600 dwt bulkers and it is to feature with WE Tech Solutions direct-drive permanent magnet (PM) shaft generator solutions.  The Switch, a specialist in megawatt-class PM machines for advance marine drive trains is providing the PM shaft generators in the WE Tech Systems.

In the Power Take Out (PTO) mode, WE Drive enables propulsion machinery to operate in combinator/variable speed while the direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator produces up to 700 kW of electrical power for the vessel’s electrical network.  This is considered to be cost-effective as it helps to decrease the operating hours of the auxiliary generators and the need for maintenance is also minimal.

In Power Take In (PTI) mode, WE Drive converts auxiliary generator power to propulsion power by employing the direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator as an electrical motor.  The solution is effective in boosting the propulsion system with 1,250 kW of mechanical power when operating in demanding conditions.

The Switch PMM 1000 shaft generator is suitable for this type of bulk carrier vessel.  It can be installed directly on the propeller line and it allows extremely high energy efficiency particularly in part loads.

“With the active front-end low harmonic drive technology (WE Drive) and the permanent magnet shaft generator technology in our solution, the energy efficiency of the machinery reaches levels unmatched in the marine industry,” says Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech.  WE Tech will be delivered on March 2017 and as planned the vessel will begin its operation in Early 2018 in the Baltic Sea.

“The market has now recognized that a PM shaft generator is the most energy-efficient way to generate power in a vessel,” say Mika Koli, Business Development Manager at The Switch.

“Our vision is 30% less fuel consumed in the global shipping industry by 2030,” says Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech.  “This is a perfect example of implementing advanced drive train solutions for green shipping.  ESL’s goal of operating extremely energy-efficient LNG-fueled bulk carrier vessels is further supported by the choice of The Switch PM shaft generator.”

Source: Inside Marine


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