World’s First LPG Powered VLGC Delivered


On January 4, an 86,000 m3 ultra-large dual fuel VLGC “GAS CAPRICORN“ built by Jiangnan Shipyard for Southwest Maritime Limited was successfully christened and delivered, says an article published in Blue Economy.

Low emission

The ship was financed by CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited for Southwest Maritime Limited. CSSC Shipping has taken delivery of 35 new ships in 2021, which is setting a historical record.

The ship is the world’s first VLGC to use LPG as the main power fuel. It has followed the concept of “green environmental protection and low emission” to the maximum extent.

In the new year, CSSC Shipping will help China’s commitment to “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” and make positive contributions to the “carbon efficiency” of the international shipping industry.

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Source: Blue Economy


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