World’s Strongest Cyclone Wreaks Havoc


Ships moored in Kaohsiung Harbour break loose during Typhoon Meranti

Typhoon Meranti has wreaked havoc on Taiwan and Mainland China.  The typhoon caused nearly 10 vessels which were moored in Kaohsiung harbour to break loose amidst high seas as it moved off the coast of South Taiwan.


(Eyewitness photo)

A cargo vessel belonging to CSBC Corp. was one among the vessel with a capacity of 14,000 tonnes and over 20-foot equivalent unit standard measurement in containers to be drifted towards the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. operated Sixth Container Centre.  The vessel builders deployed numerous tugboats to stop the vessels from drifting away or colliding with other vessels and requested for larger tug boats from Canadian company Seaspan.

Taiwan International Ports Corp. suspended its operations of allowing entries and departures at the Kaohsiung Harbour around Wednesday afternoon after wind speed reached between 22 and 33 knots.


 A huge wave breaking over port infrastructure as super typhoon Meranti lashes a fishing port in southern Taitung county on September 14, 2016 (Picture credit: Taiwan agency CAN)


Man walking past toppled containers at the Kaohsiung Harbour as typhoon Meranti lashed southern Taiwan on September 14, 2016 (Picture credit: Taiwan agency CAN)

It has been reported that all the 10 vessels have been secured while several containers stored in the Kaohsiung’s Siaogang District yard were carried and strewn in the surrounding areas.

The city of Taiwan closed all schools and government offices on Wednesday and suspended all its transportation services by noon with the underground metro being operated at a reduced frequency.  Power outages were widely reported due to falling trees and landslide warning was issued in 19 locations.  The typhoon is expected to make landfall in Mainland China.

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Source: Focus Taiwan


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