The Wreck Of Aida II


Aida II

The Aida II was an Egyptian military ship that sank in 1957.  She displaced 1,428 gross registered tonnes and was powered by a single 3 Cylinder triple expansion engine.

On 15 September 1957, the Aida II was about to deliver goods and lighthouse staff to the coast guard station on Big Brother island, but because of strong wind and high waves it was smashed into the rocks of the island.  Immediately, the Aida began to sink.  Most of its bow burst due to elements and the collision.

A Tugboat responded immediately and took off 77 personnel with the remainder, including the Captain.

The formerly 75m long ship now lies at an extremely steep angle in a depth between 25m and 65m.  The whole wreck has been conquered by the reef, it’s fantastically covered with soft and hard corals and home to various kinds of marine creatures.

Source: Tour Egypt


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