Xiamen Port Opens New Shipping Route

Credits: Pixabay/ Pexels

As a cargo ship belonging to the Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) departed from the Xiamen Port in east China’s Fujian Province on Saturday, a new Middle East shipping route of the Xiamen Port was officially opened, says an article published on xindemarinenews.

Ports in Middle East countries

The 150,000-ton cargo ship, “MSC Vandya”, carrying stone materials, clothing, bathroom appliances and other goods, will head directly to the Jebel Ali Port, the Abu Dhabi Port and other main ports in Middle East countries along the Belt and Road.

Tangible benefits

The new route is operated by nine 150,000-ton cargo ships.

“The new route brings tangible benefits to local enterprises and port in Xiamen by saving costs and increasing efficiency. By shortening the voyage by five days, we can deliver goods to foreign customers in a faster and more efficient way. The logistic costs of these enterprises will be further reduced as well,” said Guo Huanyi, manager of the operation department of the Songyu Container Terminal of Xiamen.

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Source: Xindemarinenews


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