Yachts Collide and Sink


Two yachts sailing towards the Canary Islands have sunk, after colliding when one went to the aid of the other, reports EuroWeekly News.

Yachts collide and sink

The accident happened on Friday, June 3, when a yacht went to the aid of another who had suffered mechanical problems. The Calisto with its two crew members had radioed for help, with the yacht Julios responding to the call. Both yachts were reportedly sailing to Gran Canaria.

During attempts by the three crew on Julios to assist the Calisto, the two yachts collided and began sinking. The crew managed to float a life raft, abandoning both vessels.

A merchant vessel in the area went to their aid rescuing the crew, however, they were unable to salvage the two yachts which have sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Reasons unknown

The National Centre for Maritime Rescue, along with its colleagues from Cape Verde, notified the bulk carrier Chris, that the yachts needed assistance. The vessel had to do a U-turn to go back and rescue the sailors, all of whom are understood to be in good health with no injuries.

Announcing the rescue on Saturday, June 4, the Centre said that the incident occurred around ten in the morning about 1,100 kilometres south of Gran Canaria and 418 north of the Cape Verdean island of Mindelo.

The ship is to make a stop on its journey to Brazil, to drop off the rescued sailors in Gran Canaria where they are expected to arrive on Sunday at 4 am. At this stage, the details of how the two yachts collided are unknown, with an investigation into the incident to be undertaken once the sailors have reached land.

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Source: EuroWeekly News


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