World’s First Ammonia-Powered Emission-Free Container Ship


Yara Clean Ammonia together with North Sea Container Line and Yara International are the initiators of the first in the world container ship based on clean ammonia called Yara Eyde. This initiative has been positioned as the first emission-free ship using the Oslo – Esbjerg route to support the global target on 2030 carbon footprint.

Collaborative Emission Reduction

Towards Cross-Sector Collaboration for Mitigating GHG emissions in Thailand.
The Yarra Eyde project will herald one of the largest cross-sector collaborations towards large-scale emission reduction in the shipping industry. It marks a key step towards meeting the challenging target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2030.

Key Milestones and Environmental Impact

The vessel has been optimised for the trade corridor connecting Norway and Germany with it expected to operate between Oslo, Porsgrunn, Hamburg and Bremerhaven. From 2026 onwards Norwegian companies can trade free of emissions. As a cargo owner, Yara International underscores the real effect that such a vessel will have in cutting scope 3 emissions by 1100 tons of C02 every year. This cooperation seeks to encourage greener choices for the shipping industry for its vessels’ fuel, thus reducing carbon footprints in shipping operations. This revolutionary venture would not be possible without the support of more than forty million NOK received from Enova.

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Source: YARA