Year 2015 Witnesses 190 Piracy Incidents So Far


The IMB cautions against complacency in its latest report on piracy and armed robbery which covers the period from 1 January 2015 to 30 September 2015.

190 incidents have been reported to the IMB in 2015, with the majority focused upon low-level incidents in Southeast Asia.  154 ships were boarded, 21 attempted attacks took place and 15 vessels were hijacked.

In relation to crew, the IMB reports that 226 crew members were taken hostage, 14 assaulted, 13 injured, 10 kidnapped and one killed.

The following five countries make up the main bulk of the 190 reported incidents in 2015:


Southeast Asia

The majority of reported incidents in 2015 have taken place in Indonesia.  Attacks in Southeast Asia tend to be low-level in nature and take place at night.  Ships should maintain strict anti-piracy watches and report any incident or suspicious behaviour to local authorities and the IMB.

Gulf of Guinea

There have been 26 reported incidents in the Gulf of Guinea region in 2015, with only one new reported incident for the third quarter of the year.  The IMB considers that in reality there are significantly more attacks than those reported.

Somalia/Gulf of Aden

There have been no reported incidents in this region, continuing the trend from recent years, although 29 crew members continue to be held for ransom by suspected Somali pirates.

Changes to High Risk Area

Members are likely aware that the High Risk Area (‘HRA’) is due to be reduced with effect from 1 December 2015 to reflect the downturn in piracy in this region.  Despite the reduction of the HRA, operators are urged to comply with BMP4 in all affected areas and to maintain vigilance.

Incident numbers category-wise:


  • Bulk Carriers: 65
  • Product tanker: 45
  • Container ship: 22
  • Tankers: 15

Source: The Standard Club