Yemen’s Houthis Claim Targeting Western Ships In Recent Attacks


  • Houthi forces in Yemen have claimed responsibility for launching rockets and drones at British, U.S., and Israeli ships in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean.
  • The attacks, purportedly in support of Palestinians in the Gaza war, come amid escalating tensions in the region.

Houthi forces in Yemen have announced that they targeted British, U.S., and Israeli ships in recent attacks using rockets and drones. The attacks occurred in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean, according to a statement by a Houthi military spokesperson.

Details of the Attacks

The Houthi military spokesperson, Yahya Saree, revealed that the operations took place over the past 72 hours. However, specific details regarding the attacks were not provided in the statement.

Retaliatory Strikes by Britain and the United States

In response to the Houthi attacks, Britain and the United States have launched retaliatory strikes against the Houthi forces in Yemen. The U.S. Central Command reported destroying a mobile surface-to-air missile system in a Houthi-controlled area, as well as intercepting an unmanned aerial vehicle over the Red Sea and engaging and destroying an inbound anti-ship missile.

Other Incidents in the Region

Separately, a British security firm reported an attack on a vessel in the Gulf of Aden, while a missile landed near another vessel in the same area. The incidents, although not directly attributed to any party, add to the escalating tensions and disruptions in maritime routes in the region.

Impact of Houthi Attacks

Houthi attacks on shipping have previously disrupted global trade through the Suez Canal, leading to re-routing of vessels on longer and more expensive journeys around southern Africa. The recent attacks further exacerbate concerns over maritime security and stability in the region.

International Response

The United States and Britain have condemned the Houthi attacks and have taken military action in response. The situation remains tense, with ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of shipping lanes and maritime operations in the affected areas.

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Source: Reuters