Yishai Schlissel Stabs Marchers of Gay Parade



Israel has relatively liberal gay rights policies though the ultra-Orthodox are hostile to homosexuals. The Jewish state repealed a ban on consensual same-sex sexual acts in 1988.  However, marchers of Jerusalem’s gay pride parade were attacked injuring six.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack and said, “We must ensure that in Israel, every man and woman lives in security in any way they choose. That’s how we acted in the past and how we’ll continue to act.”

The event was anticipated to create tension between Jerusalem’s secular majority and its Jewish Orthodox communities.  Israeli police granted a permit for 30 right-wing religious activists to protest on Thursday by the Great Synagogue, close to the parade route.  Ultra-Orthodox Jews have gathered in the city’s Mea Shearim quarter to protest  against homosexuality.  A “massive presence” of police was at the parade.

Yishai Schlissel, a person sentenced for 12 years in prison for attacking a similar parade in 2005, had sneaked behind the marchers and brandished a knife and attacked injuring six.  Two of them had been hospitalized in serious condition.

 The parade continued with protesters chanting “end the violence”.

Israel’s homosexual was the target of a 2009 attack in Tel Aviv, where a gunman opened fire at a center for young gays, killing two people and wounding 15 others.  

The secularists said such crimes must be condemned and extended solidarity with the LGBT community.

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