Yohei Sasakawa to receive International Maritime Prize- 2014.



In recognition of the rich contribution towards the work and objectives of IMO, the Chairman of the Nippon Foundation Mr. Yohei Sasakawa is to be the recipient of the prestigious International Maritime 2014 award.

Of note are his dedicated programs to enhance maritime education and training through various initiatives from Nippon Foundation.  Mr. Sasakawa started the “WMU Sasakawa fellowship” offering a 2-year Master’s degree program with a view to improve the quality of maritime experts around the world.  Mr. Sasakawa has also worked with international institutions like the IMLI and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Mr. Sasakawa has established the “Sasakawa-Fellows’” network, now numbering 543 people from 64 countries, to facilitate international maritime cooperation.

Mr. Sasakawa who began as a trustee of the Nippon Foundation in 1981 went on to serve as its president in 1989 and was elected as its chairman in 2005.  The mission of the Nippon Foundation is to build a society where all people support one another. To assist humanitarian causes both in Japan and overseas is their vision.

His rich contribution to the enhancement of safety and security in shipping lanes is noteworthy.  The establishment of the Cooperative Mechanism in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, is a sterling example where both the Government and Industry cooperate and work in unison for environmental safety.

Mr. Sasakawa is credited with several supportive measures he has aided for Port State control.  The Foundation’s aid in funding and establishing the Tokyo MoU is one such example.  This was instrumental in strengthening the PSC activities and thus leading to effective implementation of IMO instruments.

Mr. Sasakawa’s support towards coastguard activities by way of leadership programs for Asian coast guards is noteworthy.

The Nippon Foundation’s R&D team has come out with various Industry specific standards on emission control for ships.  The Foundation is also collaborating in Research programs with Institutions in Norway and Russia and share their findings for adoption by IMO for their international code for ships operating in polar waters.



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