You Are Really At The Mercy Of The Cruise Ship!!



A recent outbreak of 60 cases of gastroenteritis aboard vessel has put the holiday makers in difficult times.  Some of them have started looking for refunds.

Mary-Louise McLaws, professor of infectious diseases control at the University of NSW provides us with some of the valuable tips to keep good health in a confined ecosystem of a cruise ship.  Despite individuals vouch to contribute to the good health, they are always at the mercy of the liner’s staff.  “Norovirus is difficult because it often spreads very easily in captive communities such as daycare (centres) and things like cruise ships,” she said.

Useful tips to avoid gastroenteritis

  • Shutting of the toilet lid while flushing can help prevent the spread of germs
  • Wearing rubber or disposable gloves by cleaning staff when treating such surfaces
  • Using high-grade disinfectant to clean the door-handles, fridge handles
  • Washing hands with soap and water for at least 10 seconds
  • Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them
  • Cooking the seafood thoroughly
  • Isolating the sick person until the symptoms have stopped for 48 hours

She said a large outbreak, such as the 60 taken ill aboard vessel, was indicative of food contamination or a systemic problem – but it was still possible it was brought on board by a passenger or group.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


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