YouTube Gaming Edges Out Twitch



YouTube is known for its on demand video sharing.  It  quietly launched a dedicated app and website for video gamers on Wednesday evening.  It lays greater emphasis on live streams.  YouTube has entered the live gaming segment.  The intention is to create a one-stop shop for all gaming content.

Amazing gamers who hitherto had no live stream facility can use YouTube!  All along Amazon-owned Twitch enabled hundreds of thousands of people to watch live streams of other people playing video games.

Mr Wyatt of YouTube, said the new live streaming platform could have wider uses in the future subject to its standard copyright checks.  The company’s Content ID system will terminate broadcasts if “third-party content” such as music is detected.  With the wider discoverability YouTube enjoys currently, a live platform for gamers will be patronised as much as its Music Key,  a music service.

YouTube is probably “fighting back” against rivals such as Twitch and Daily Motion but competitors will continue to emerge and YouTube has to keep up.

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