Zelim’s AI-powered Man Overboard Detection System Completes First Deployment Onboard Rig


  • Zelim, a leader in marine safety technology, has achieved a significant milestone with the deployment of its groundbreaking detection and tracking solution, ZOE, aboard the Valaris Stavanger oil rig.
  • The system, designed to automatically detect and alert in cases of person overboard incidents, marks a transformative step forward in offshore safety practices.

In a groundbreaking development for offshore safety, Zelim’s cutting-edge AI-powered detection system, ZOE, has completed its inaugural deployment aboard the Valaris Stavanger oil rig. This marks a significant leap forward in maritime safety technology, promising enhanced monitoring and rapid response capabilities to mitigate person-overboard incidents in challenging offshore environments.

Innovative Solution for Offshore Safety

ZOE’s debut in the oil and gas sector represents a collaborative effort between Zelim and Valaris, aimed at enhancing safety standards in maritime operations. The system, tailor-made for jack-up vessels like the Valaris Stavanger, introduces cutting-edge technology to address the unique challenges of offshore environments.

Enhanced Monitoring and Response

Traditional methods of person overboard detection relied on line-of-sight observation, posing limitations in response time and effectiveness. ZOE, equipped with seven infrared and optical cameras strategically placed throughout the vessel, offers 360-degree monitoring capability. This advancement allows for swift detection and tracking of individuals in harsh maritime conditions, significantly improving response times and rescue efforts.

Doug Lothian, Zelim’s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted the extensive collaboration and testing involved in ZOE’s development. He emphasized the system’s impressive 96.8% successful detection rate up to 337 meters, surpassing industry standards.

Autonomous Operation and Real-time Alerts

When an individual falls overboard, ZOE automatically triggers alarms to the radio operator, providing real-time footage and tracking of the person at risk. Crucially, ZOE logs the vessel’s and person’s positions at the moment of detection, enabling precise geolocation for prompt rescue operations.

ZOE operates autonomously and securely onboard the vessel, ensuring continuous monitoring and alerting even in isolated offshore situations, without the need for an internet connection.

Future Applications and Industry Impact

Beyond its primary function, ZOE’s versatility opens possibilities for security threat identification and red zone monitoring applications. As Valaris evaluates the system’s effectiveness during the trial phase, the industry eagerly anticipates ZOE’s potential to redefine offshore safety standards.

The successful deployment of ZOE aboard the Valaris Stavanger establishes a new benchmark in marine safety technology, underscoring Zelim’s commitment to innovation in the oil and gas industry. As offshore operations embrace advanced technologies like ZOE, the sector moves closer to achieving unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency.

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Source: Marine Insight