Zero-Emission Sailing Ships – Design Ready!


Low-Impact Cargo Sailing Ships is Design Ready!


The ongoing 5th Natural Propulsion Seminar in Wageningen, Netherlands will see a revolutionary design concept for a multi access zero emissions cargo ship from The Fair Winds Trading Company (FWTC).

The concept which is currently in the research and design stage is reported to be capable of:

  • Zero emissions sailing ship that can access goods where they’re produced.
  • Low impact sail cargo ship capable of transporting from remote low infrastructure points of production, i.e. micro ports, estuaries and beaches to points of purchase.
  • Designs are based on the ancient Prao; a multi hull cargo sailing ship of the South Pacific.

“Our aim is not only to achieve a zero negative impact method of sea transport, but also to demonstrate to commercial shipping and the market that this is not only do-able but desirable,” said Madadh MacLaine, founder and CEO of FWTC.

MacLaine has a background in experimental maritime ecology, researching, designing and building ancient ships and then recreating their voyages.  She met Alain Guillard at the first EcoNav conference in Douarnenez where they began to discuss collaboration on a multi access zero emissions cargo ship for FWTC’s project in West Africa.

The PraoCargo’s significant design aspects:

  • The load/size ratio, stability and multi access capabilities.
  • The 60m long vessel has a shallow loaded draught of 4-6m depending on rudder position, minimum heeling and can maneuver under sail in shallow waters.
  • The vessel is designed with a maximum speed of 25knots and an average speed of 13knots under sail, backed up with an electric motor drive system.

Alain Guillard, the naval architect and designer of the vessel has recently built a 12m model of the intended ship on which he is currently transporting gravel to test her functionality in the Gulf de Morbihan, France.

Source: Fair Winds Trading Company