Zhoushan Bunkering Volume Up 9.1% on Year To 6.02 Million Mt in 2022

Credit: Shaah Shahidh/Unsplash

Bunker sales volume at the port of Zhoushan, Zhejiang in China increased 9.1% on year to reach 6.02 million metric tonnes (mt) in 2022, according to Chinese media Zhejiang Online, says an article published on Manifold Times.

Bonded fuel bunkering centers

“Zhoushan continues to lead the development of bonded fuel bunkering centers in Northeast Asia, which has become the region with the largest bonded oil supply volume, fastest growth rate, most active competition, and highest customs clearance efficiency in China,” a source told the publication.

He attributed the increase of bunkering volume to several policies introduced by the local government; including the introduction of upgraded “Zhoushan type” bunkering tankers, establishment of the Qushan temporary anchorage, and expansion of local oil storage facilities at Sinochem Xingzhong and Huangzeshan.

In 2022, several initiatives were started at Zhoushan to improve its bunker fuel sales volume; these included the launch of a pilot project with banks to integrate domestic and foreign currency, a buyer’s quotation system for low sulphur bonded bunker fuel, digitalisation of commercial oil storage capacity at the port and port customs clearance and logistics systems.

The development sees Zhoushan still maintaining its position as amongst the top five bunkering ports of the world.

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Source: Manifold Times


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