Zhoushan: New Guide For Shippers On Bonded Bunker Fuel Supply


  • Zhoushan Port has published its latest guidelines on bunker supply in Zhoushan.
  • The guidelines include coordinates, navigational requirements and meteorological information of main bunker supply anchorages.

The Zhoushan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administrative Committee on Monday (25 February) shared with Singapore-based bunkering publication Manifold Times the Guide Letter to Shipowners on Bonded Oil Bunker Supply in Zhoushan (2024 Edition) document.

Guide letter to shipowners on bonded oil bunker supply in Zhoushan

The 17-page document is written for shipowners engaged in bunkering operations at the port:

Zhoushan is the main maritime open gateway to the world for the eastern coast of China and the Yangtze River basin. Six of the seven international main routes in and out of China pass through Zhoushan waters. Nearly 110,000 international vessels steam through Zhoushan waters, and more than 24,000 international vessels call Zhoushan annually.

Whilst Zhoushan has more than 17 million cubic meters of bonded oil depot and can cover a wide range of bonded oil bunker scenes, such as inner and outer anchorage in port, berthing call in port, and cross-custom port area.

With the most complete bunker oil types and the most transparent prices in China, Zhoushan is the most efficient and comprehensive maritime service port in China, the first largest bunker supply port in China and the fourth largest bunker supply port in the world currently.

In order to provide international shipowners with more convenient guide information on bunker supply in Zhoushan, we have compiled coordinates, navigational requirements and meteorological information of the main bunker supply anchorages in Zhoushan into a booklet for reference.

The full version of the document in English can be downloaded here.

The full version of the document in Chinese can be downloaded here.

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Source: Manifold Times