Zuidnatie and Zenobē Lead the Way

Credit: ConocoPhilips

In a groundbreaking initiative, Zuidnatie, a Belgian terminal operator, collaborates with Zenobē and Carisbrooke Shipping to pioneer shore power utilization via a Zenobē battery on the ocean-going vessel UAL Osprey, marking a pivotal step toward sustainable port operations. The offshore-energy source.

  • Zuidnatie, in partnership with Zenobē and Carisbrooke Shipping, successfully tests shore power with a Zenobē battery on the ocean-going vessel UAL Osprey, marking a pioneering achievement in Belgium.
  • The initiative aims to replace diesel generators with eco-friendly shore power during port stays and gather critical data on energy consumption patterns.
  • Zuidnatie’s long-term vision includes extending shore power options to all shipping companies and utilizing solar-generated energy for battery charging, aligning with the industry’s commitment to decarbonization.

A Milestone in Belgium

Zuidnatie, in collaboration with and UK-based Carisbrooke Shipping, achieves a significant environmental milestone as they successfully connect shore power to the ocean-going vessel UAL Osprey, marking Belgium’s inaugural test of this green technology on seagoing ships.

Innovative Solution for Sustainable Shipping

The pilot project features a Zenobē portable power-bank—a second-life battery known as Powerskid—which aims to provide an eco-friendly alternative to ships’ diesel generators when in port. This initiative aligns with the global shift toward cold ironing and reduced fossil fuel consumption.

Data-Driven Decisions

Zenobē’s 150 kWh Powerskid, initially backed by generators, gathers crucial data on energy consumption patterns, a significant aspect yet to be explored. The insights gained from this phase will inform the scaling up of the battery and transition to cleaner energy sources, including Zuidnatie’s PV plant.

Paving the Way for a Green Future

Zuidnatie’s ambitious goal is to extend shore power options to all shipping companies using their terminals, with plans to utilize solar-generated energy for battery charging. This innovative collaboration highlights the maritime industry’s commitment to decarbonization and paves the way for greener port operations.

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