Construction of LNG Ships for Volkswagen Group Logistics Begins


  • Volkswagen Group Logistics celebrated the official launch of their LNG vessels.
  • This LNG powered ships will carry Volkswagen vehicles in the Europe-North America route.
  • The new ships will abide by the IMO regulations of lower emission rates.
  • The new vessels will be in operation by 2019.

Recently, Volkswagen Group Logistics, the operator Siem Car Carriers and the shipyard Xiamen Shipbuilding celebrated the “steel cutting” (equivalent to foundation laying in the shipbuilding industry) in an official ceremony in the Chinese city of Xiamen, says a report in the Green Car Congress. This highlights the beginning of something great, the construction of LNG vessels by the Volkswagen Group.

LNG vessel details

The plan is to empower new vessels with LNG and use them for transporting Volkswagen Group vehicles from Europe to North America. The LNG powered ships with a carrying capacity of 6500 vehicles will reduce the emission rate from ships, thereby cutting down on the pollution level from ships. The vessels will be in the market by 2019.

Compared with conventional vessels, the LNG ships will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%, NOx by up to 30%, particulates by up to 60% and sulfur oxides by as much as 100%.

Over the coming months, the shipyard, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry, will build two LNG ships which will be operated by Siem Car Carriers and chartered by Volkswagen Group Logistics. The engines for the ships will be supplied by MAN Diesel & Turbo.

In this way, the Volkswagen Group is going green in their business and complying to the new IMO regulations.

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Source: Volkswagen Group


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