[Watch] Giant Sunbathing Alligator Leaps into Tourists’ Boat in Terrifying Facebook Live Broadcast


A COUPLE narrowly avoided serious injury after an alligator leapt from the riverbank into their boat in chaotic scenes broadcast on Facebook Live.

Tylor Hindery was enjoying a holiday with his wife, Emerald, when he convinced her to agree to an airboat ride in order to check out some of the local wildlife.

But they got a little closer than intended after their boat drifted and ran ashore alongside a 6ft-long specimen sunning itself on the riverbank.

“The guy killed the engine and we just floated over,” Hindery told the Miami Herald.

“We got stuck on the bank and he didn’t want to turn the engine on and scare everything.”

The 30-year-old began broadcasting their close encounter over Facebook Live, showing just how close the couple were stood to the apex predator.

“Don’t make no sudden moves,” the captain of the boat can be heard saying, “because”.

After a few frantic moments, the camera finally re-focuses, showing the alligator attempting to squeeze through metal railings at the other end of the vessel.

It becomes wedged for a couple of seconds as it forces its giant body through the small gap before plopping into the water and out of sight.

More than 800,000 people have seen the clip since it was uploaded last week.

“Good job not jumping out of the boat!” wrote one viewer.

“I thought you were a goner.”

The clip comes just days after a fellow monster gator was filmed casually emerging from the undergrowth in front of a group of tourists, also in the state of Florida.

The beast was nicknamed “Humpback” by residents in the area.

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Source: Daily Star


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