How to Drill Underwater and Drive Screws into Steel Hull?



Miko Fix a new electric underwater drill and fastening system which makes you to drive the screw into steel hulls in a single operation.  You can use it to secure anodes, brackets and adapter plates, or the Flexi Shape Miko Plaster for quick repair after collisions or groundings.

Miko Marine has introduced a battery operated, cordless fastening system for underwater drilling and fastening.

Max. Water Depth 50 m
Chuck Size 13mm
Max. Steel Thickness 22 mm
Max. Torque 39 N/m
Battery 18V 3Ah
Holding Force 450 kg
Footprint (Magnet) 155 x 115 mm
Net Weight Magnet: 3 kg
Drill & jig: 5,5 kg
Submerged Weight (complete) 6,0 kg
Gross Weight Magnet: 10 kg
Drill & jig: 10 kg


Special features of Miko fix:

  • It can penetrate and join two metal plates up to 22 mm thick in one action.
  • It can be operated down to 50 m.
  • It is mounted on a specially designed stand that is clamped to the workpiece by high –power permanent magnets.
  • The drill is equipped with a speed setting, rotational direction switch, LED lights and a torque setting with 16 steps.
  • The drill and drill stand are supplied in a waterproof heavy duty plastic case.
  • It has a holding force of up to 450 Kgs.
  • It enables the diver to operate the tool efficiently in any orientation and ensures necessary counterforce needed to drill and secure the Miko bolt to the hull.
  • The underwater drilling is made easy and saves time when compared to any conventional repair methods.
  • The drilling position can be adjusted accurately by rotating the drill around the center rod.

Contents of Miko Fix

  • 1 pcs Cordless Electric Drill
  • 1 pcs Stainless Steel Drill Stand
  • 1 pcs MAM-003 Miko Anchor Magnet
  • 2 pcs Screw Holder
  • 100 pcs Self Tapping Screws
  • 1 pcs Spare Battery
  • 1 pcs Spare Chuck
  • 1 pcs Pump to Pressurize the Drill
  • 1 pcs Battery Charger
  • 1 pcs User Manual


How to use Miko fix:

Step 1: Position and secure the system to the drilling surface by the magnet.

Step 2: Secure the miko bolt in the screw holder.

Step 3: Ensure the drilling position.

Step 4: Rotate the drill around the center rod to adjust the drilling position.

Step 5: When the drill is positioned as desired, pull the handle to feed and press the On/Off trigger switch to start drilling.

Step 6: Use the magnet lever to release and reposition.

Where to use Miko fix?

Miko fix system can be used for a huge variety of repair and construction tasks underwater although it was developed specifically for use with the Miko FlexiShape patch.  These are manufactured to provide a temporary watertight seal that can be used to close-off damage to a ship’s hull and make it seaworthy for sailing to a drydock for permanent repairs.  It is specially used for:

  • Anode fixing
  • Fastening of Flexi Shape Miko Plaster®
  • Fastening anchor points for guiding or lifting wires
  • Fastening brackets or adaptor plates for other tools

Source: Mikomarine


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