Would You Jump? Daredevil High Dives into Cruise Ship Pool



Sydney Brown, a talented Canadian gymnast, frequently publishes pictures and videos of her travels on social media – but her latest post might leave you gripping onto the edge of your seat.

While onboard Harmony of the Seas, Sydney, who specialises in the art of tumbling, decided to take advantage of the ship’s pool facilities by performing a high dive.

But this was no ordinary high dive.

Sydney climbed to a 17 metre high platform to complete a series of flips and tumbles before plunging into the small pool below.

Luckily for Sydney, the dive was perfection, and she created little splash at the end.

But the gymnast’s impressive technique and bravery has left other stomach’s churning.

Alongside a video of the terrifying dive she posted to Instagram, Sydney wrote: “Would you jump? Took this video of @cesiliecarlton diving from 17m onboard the #Harmony o f the Seas.”

And people were quick to answer.

One of Sydney’s Instagram fans said: “Ah nope.  You’d have to push me.”

Another added: “Omg my stomach went to my throat just watching!!! That’s just crazy!!!”

Others were concerned about Sydney’s well being after the jump, with one using saying, “Wow this is just insane.  Hope you’re ok Sydney”.

Some people were inspired by her diving prowess, competing, “I might jump if the boat wasn’t moving”.

Another terrifying moment was recently caught on camera when a skier accidentally skied off a cliff and lived to tell the tale.

The shocking moment was captured on the skier’s personal camera.

He appeared to be skiing with extreme speed as he flew down the snowy slope.

But all of a sudden he approached the edge of a cliff, where it was impossible to see what surface came next.



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Source: Daily Express


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