Dr. Vis – Bunker Guru


Dr. Vis – The “Bunker Guru”

Dr. Ram Vis, whose name Viswa Lab carries, is first a Marine Engineer and has a Doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering and a Masters in Internal Combustion. He is on the Roster of Experts of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a Consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration – Federal Government of USA) and a member of CIMAC Working Group for Heavy Fuels and Lube Oils, ASTM D2 Committees and Intertanko Bunker Sub-committee……….

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Lower Forever Oil – A Denouement

Lower Forever Oil – A Denouement We have been saying for the last 3 years that the oil prices are not going to go up. The reason is not politics; it is not supply and demand; it is not OPEC; it is only because Technology has made oil exploration and oil production cheaper. It is […]


Batteries with Twice the Life

BATTERIES WITH TWICE THE LIFE AND HALF THE CHARGING TIME – TOYOTA FILES PATENTS In a breakthrough in research, Toyota claims it can sell cars equipped with solid state batteries which will run much longer on a single charge and which can be charged in a very short time. Current Lithium Ion batteries cannot be […]


Shape of Things to Come

The Maritime Silk Road initiative of China is a mammoth effort to dominate trade and transportation. The whole plan is conceived on a massive strategic long term basis. It is almost as important as the previous massive Chinese initiative of becoming the global factory which was a success. This initiative has almost succeeded and huge […]


The Business of Selling ISO 8217

Why is it called “The Business of Selling”? The reason is that the ISO 8217:2017 standard itself does not have the intrinsic merit to sell itself. This has been the fate of ISO 8217:2010 and ISO 8217:2012 also. Strenuous efforts were made to sell the standard and it did not succeed. We know this since […]


The See-Saw Battle Between Opec and US Based Shale Producers

OPEC countries last month cut oil production and this sparked a rally in crude prices.  Saudi Arabia carries the impression that shale producers from the US, whom the Saudis call “high-cost producers” will be driven out of the market if OPEC maintains a low price and floods the market with more crude.  This expectation has […]


Marine Industry: Outlook for 2017 and Beyond

Really, very major regulatory changes have been initiated in 2016 and their effect is going to reverberate for the next several years.  The Ballast Water regulation has come into force.  The 0.1% Sulfur limit on bunker fuels will kick in from 2020.  Another major shift taking place is with regard to Big data analytics with […]


Trump on the Campaign Trail is Not the Real Trump!

What Trump’s Victory Means… Many in the shipping world are worried, or at the very least, deeply concerned, if a Trump victory will disrupt the current order of global economy. The concern is also about the impact on the shipping industry.  Though the US is not a big ship‐operating and shipbuilding country, the fact remains […]


How to Protect Against Bunker Fuel Camouflaging Problem?

“CAMOUFLAGING PROBLEM” CAUSING PROPERTIES OF BUNKER FUEL   Over the last few weeks, very interesting analysis results have been identified in  bunker fuels from South East Asia.  The sediment values (ISO 10307‐1 method) are 0.03% to 0.06%.  The stability (ASTM  D4740 method) of these fuels is number 1.  However, the Reserve Stability Number  (RSN) (ASTM […]


The Future of Ships – Is Hanjin the Shape of Things to Come?

12 shipping companies have announced huge losses in the past quarter. Drewry consultants estimate that the losses in shipping can amount to $10 Billion this year alone.  The well-known reasons are a decline in global trade and too many ships built chasing too little cargo.  A not so well known point is the growing size […]


A Fresh Look at Sulfur Regulations and Bunker Fuels

Come October, we will know if the global 0.5% sulfur limit will be implemented from 1.1.2020 or 1.1.2025.  A lot of speculation and prophecies surround this topic.  The committee appointed to study the availability of 0.5% sulfur fuels for the marine industry has confirmed that it possible to do so with a few caveats. On […]



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