Covid-19 Surge: Unvaccinated Patients Are Filling Up Hospitals


Hospitals are surging with unvaccinated patients infected with the Delta variant, affecting car accident victims and other non-Covid-19 patients who need hospital care, reports CNN.

Rise in Covid cases

America’s recent increase in Covid-19 cases has been driven mainly by expanses of people who remain unvaccinated, said a specialist. He also added that more transmissible Delta variety continues to spread across the country.

“We know that the vast majority of the spread is still by unvaccinated people. And I think that that is the part that’s been lost in the messaging from the CDC … which is that the problem is not with the vaccinated. The problem remains with the unvaccinated. And the way that we can get out of this pandemic is to increase vaccination rates,” CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen stated Saturday.

Breakthrough cases

According to the CDC’s most recent data, less than.004% of those fully vaccinated face a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization. Less than 0.001% of those who are fully vaccinated have died from the disease.

The data also reported 6,587 breakthrough cases, including 6,239 hospitalizations and 1,263 deaths as of July 26, while the United States had about 163 million individuals vaccinated.

Mask mandate

So the CDC should be saying, “Look, the reason we’re doing indoor mandates is because the unvaccinated cannot be trusted to put on masks. That’s why the vaccinated also have to be putting on masks”, she said, explaining that the government’s guidance to put on masks even to vaccinated people is not because the vaccines are not working.

“I really think that that would clarify things because ultimately the issue is the unvaccinated. They really need to prevent this idea from taking over that somehow the vaccines don’t work because that’s exactly the opposite of what the CDC data are showing.” Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, added on to Wen’s statement.

The seven-day average of new doses provided every day in the United States is 652,084, up 26% from three weeks ago. Even Alabama has roughly 34% vaccinated, and Arkansas, with 36% of the total population, vaccinated. The CDC figures released on Saturday reported 49.5 per cent of the overall US population is completely vaccinated.

The urgency of vaccination among health care workers

According to data released Friday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, only about 59 per cent of nursing home staff are vaccinated against Covid-19, and only one out of every five nursing home institutions has met the industry goal of properly vaccinating 75 per cent of their healthcare employees, according to a recent AARP study.

Dr.  Rachel Villanueva, president of the National Medical Association, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday, “For health care workers, I think a mandate is necessary”.

“I believe it really really symbolizes what is happening in our nation — that people have concerns, that people have been treated to a lot of disinformation, and I think it’s done us a tremendous disservice,” said Villanueva.

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA), representing 70 institutions, has announced a campaign to necessitate mandatory vaccinations for their employees.

Vaccinated people contracting Covid-19

Due to the increased danger of vaccinated people contracting Covid-19, everyone is still wearing a mask. Many towns and states are reinstituting mask rules due to recent studies demonstrating that vaccinated and unvaccinated people could potentially carry a similar viral burden if affected.

Palm Beach County, Florida, will insist all people, whether vaccinated or not, to wear face masks in all county buildings due to rising favorable rates.

Apart from official regulations, music events also emphasize the importance of wearing a mask. According to the latest guideline from the Chicago Department of Public Health, the music festival Lollapalooza, which ends on Sunday, stated it would need masks in all indoor locations this weekend.

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Source: CNN Health