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lawofficeWanchoo Law Offices provides top quality, individualized admiralty and maritime representation to clients around the globe. From planning and advising to arbitrating and litigating, our firm can skillfully handle your case from infancy through appeal…….

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Producing work of a quality paralleled by large firms and yet maintaining a level of client attentiveness unique to a boutique law firm, Wanchoo Law Offices will service your commercial maritime needs with professionalism and promptness. This bottom-line orientation is founded upon close, personal communication with clients, which provides us with an understanding of the client’s business objectives in pursuing a particular matter. By taking the time to understand both the client’s business and its motivations, we can develop a dispute resolution strategy that best suits the case at hand. In one situation, we might recommend a strategy of aggressive litigation. In another, we might recommend negotiation or mediation. No strategy is formulated without first determining the best way to proceed in light of the client’s business objectives. Available to them 7-days a week, our clients range from vessel owners and charterers to insurers, protection and indemnity clubs, freight forwarders, exporters and importers. Because our founding member has been involved intimately with the maritime industry, you will find an intimacy of knowledge at Wanchoo Law Offices unmatched among the average maritime law firm.

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For the last twenty years, Rahul Wanchoo has represented a wide variety of corporations in resolving international commercial disputes. Rahul’s experience is focused on commercial, international and maritime disputes and is dedicated to resolving those disputes in a truly cost-effective manner.

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This bottom-line orientation is founded upon close, personal communication with clients, which provides Rahul with an understanding of the client’s business objectives in pursuing a particular matter. By taking the time to understand both the client’s business and its motivations, Rahul can develop a dispute resolution strategy that best suits the case at hand. In one situation, he might recommend a strategy of aggressive litigation. In another, he might recommend negotiation or mediation. No strategy is formulated without first determining the best way to proceed in light of the client’s business objectives.

Areas of Concentration

Rahul’s experience has been international in nature from the outset. He is familiar with the aspects of international law affecting private corporations. In addition, Rahul’s maritime experience is also broad-based. Rahul has been involved in numerous shipboard investigations involving collisions, groundings, engine breakdowns and cargo damage. He has acted for shipowners and charterers, as well as their insurers, in charter party disputes, insurance disputes, cargo damage claims, limitation of liability, collection matters, and maritime arbitration. His practical experience at sea coupled with his legal training has proved to be a great asset in numerous cases where his arguments have successfully persuaded the arbitrators to rule in his

Education and Experience

Prior to starting Wanchoo Law Offices, LLP in April 2006, Rahul was associated with a boutique maritime law firm in New York City, from January 1991 through March 2006. Prior to that, he was employed by P & 0 Bulk Shipping Division, London, from 1975 through 1986 in various capacities. He obtained his Master Mariner’s License for unlimited tonnage, any ocean, from the United Kingdom in July 1987. During his seagoing career, Rahul sailed mainly on bulk carriers, oil tankers and gas carriers and has substantial experience in shipboard practice. Subsequently, Rahul obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Port and Shipping Administration with Distinction from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff, U.K. in 1988, and a Master of Law degree in Admiralty and International Law from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff, U.K. in January 1990. While working at the NYC law firm, Rahul attended New York Law School and received his J.D. degree in February 1996. He is admitted to practice in all the courts of the State of New York, Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

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