These are the Most Hated Cruise Ships in the World


As we all know, cruise ships are the most convenient and affordable mode of transport through the world. Whenever we head for a long tour cruise ships it seems to be the most viable option. Keeping this in mind, the has come up with a cheat sheet of the most hated cruise ships in the world. A coveted list that you should stay away from.

They broke down the top five worst cruise ships for your next trip based on the CDC’s 2017 sanitation reports and guest reviews.

5. Crown Princess, Princess

  • Sails from: Florida, Europe; Sails to: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Europe
  • CDC rating: 84/100

In an April 2017 report, the Crown Princess received one of the lowest scores of any cruise ship for sanitation. The report mostly found dining violations, such as improper storage of perishable items like yogurt and meat. The inspection also found that the ship had been storing its vegetables and butter directly underneath a fly trap. Guest reviews ranked both the entertainment and dining options only slightly above average. Reviewers also didn’t score the ship’s value highly.

4. Norwegian Sky, Norwegian

  • Sails from Florida; Sails to Caribbean
  • CDC rating: 83/100

The Norwegian Sky was in violation of several sanitary practices. According to a June 2017 report, the ship had several soiled or corroded machines in the kitchen and dining areas. Plus, the grill areas were not properly cleaned after meals. The ship had poor time control systems in place, meaning they couldn’t tell if food had been sitting out long enough to be contaminated. Guest reviews didn’t rave about the dining, entertainment, or cabins.

3. Carnival Vista, Carnival

  • Sails from Texas, Florida; Sails to Caribbean
  • CDC rating: 79/100

According to a December 2017 report, several cases of acute gastroenteritis (severe stomach problems) were reported on this ship during 2017. The crew also reported symptoms of intestinal problems but still continued to work. The CDC also found that crew members intentionally tried to hide several food carts to avoid them being inspected. Guest reviews found the dining and shore excursions were both unimpressive.

2. Carnival Triumph, Carnival

  • Sails from New York City, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana; Sails to Caribbean, New England, Canada
  • CDC rating: 78/100

A November 2017 report found that Carnival Triumph was not properly cleaning all of the dinnerware used by guests. The report also said the ship’s dairy cooler was at a temperature higher than it should have been, along with several other kitchen violations. Guest reviews found the dining and entertainment to be good, but not great. They also found the fitness and recreation options to be just okay.

1. Carnival Breeze, Carnival

  • Sails from Texas, Florida; Sails to Caribbean
  • CDC rating: 77/100

The Carnival Breeze had a slew of sanitation problems according to a December 2017 report. Several food workers had stomach problems but continued to work anyway. The crew was not properly disposing of food waste, and many of the machines used for food were full of debris. Guest reviews didn’t have too many complaints, but guests found that the dining and entertainment were both good but not great.

So, these are the worst cruise ships to travel the world which are reported based on critics and guest reviews on their sanitation and other conditions. It’s best to avoid travelling in them.

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