‘World’s Largest’ LNG-fuelled Vessel Set for Delivery


In recent days there is an active research in the development of promising LNG fuelled vessels to power huge vessels for a long range mission. At the start of this year, two marine industry giants, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Lloyd’s Register (LR) entered into a partnership as an initiative of the joint development project to design and build 180,000 DWT bulk carriers.

As an inception of this joint venture, the partners are in the completion of building a huge 50000 DWT carrier. A unique distinction of this carrier is that it is powered with the world’s largest LNG fuel tank ever built into product carriers.

Another interested aspect of this giant LNG fuelled carriers is its ability to propel using a hybrid fuel, which means it can run either on LNG fuel or oil. This hybrid carrier is built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD), a member of HHI and a publicly traded Korean shipbuilding company.

Jin-Tae Lee, Lloyd’s Register’s Korea marine manager says, “We are pleased to help the shipyard bring these types of innovative designs to the market through the joint development project with HHI. We believe that HHI’s efforts can offer the possibility that will help owners comply with emission regulations with a reliable and competitive solution.”

The LNG fuel tanks are made of high manganese steel, approximately 20% in composition, that allows the fuel tanks to operate in extreme low temperatures, as low as -162°C.

HMD in South Korea is closer to its scheduled delivery of the 50,000 DWT, LNG-fuelled bulk carrier by this month end.

The next project in the row for HMD, is the unnamed vessel which is nearing completion and is about to be delivered for Japanese owners Ilshin Shipping. Along with the earlier delivery of a 500000 DWT LNG fuel carrier, this unmanned vessel is also equipped with a dual-fuel engine capable of using both LNG and oil.

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