120 Floating Oil Barrels Under Vigilance



The Indian Coast Guard is gearing up to meet the vigil call from the Goa state pollution control board (GSPCB) regarding the floating oil barrels.  Around 80 of the 200 sealed oil barrels have already been recovered by the Coast Guard, when found floating off Vengurla coast in Maharashtra.

The board has no information about the contents of the barrels.  It may contain used oil, crude oil or any other type of oil.

GSPCB chairman Jose Manual Noronha said “We have asked the Coast Guard to inform if any more oil barrels are spotted in the sea”.  He also added that there is no need to panic about an oil spill because they are all sealed oil barrels.

The district collectors are the officers in command and are in charge of activating shoreline response and operations.

Source: Times of India


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