Cargo Ship On Fire At Suez Canal



Vessel Name:Om el-Kheir
Location:Port Tawfik, the southern entrance of the Suez Canal
Date:On 14th August, Friday

On Friday evening at Port Tawfik in the city of Suez, Om El-Kheir, a Cambodian cargo vessel caught fire.  Rescue teams of Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and the Red Sea Ports Authority (RSPA) controlled the fire.  No injuries have been reported.  The team rescued the crew of 13 individuals, six Egyptians and seven Cambodians.

Rahim Mustafa, the media spokesperson for the Red Sea Ports Authority, said the fire did not affect any surroundings in Port Tawfik or the southern entrance of the Suez Canal.

Mustafa said the incident had been referred to the Prosecutor General’s office for further investigations into the cause of the fire.

Source: Daily News Egypt