15 Biggest Containership In The World

Credit: guillaume-bolduc-unsplash

In the world of super-sized container ships, there are some absolute behemoths floating the seven seas today.

A photo of a grey container ship with the caption "big bad boats" in orange. Click Here

Last weeks, the world’s oceans got that little bit more crowded when shipping line MSC put its newest container ship into service for the first time. The record-breaking MSC Irina became the largest container ship in service thanks to its eye watering 24,346-container capacity.

But in an ocean filled with enormous vessels, how do the other ships out there stack up against the biggest of the lot? To find out, we’ve rounded up the 15 largest container ships in service right now, each ranked according to their maximum container-carrying capacity.

So sit back, relax and revel at some of the largest vehicles roaming our oceans today.

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Source: Jalopnik


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