15 Million Covid Doses Wasted In The US, Report Says


  • The United States has thrown away at least 15.1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines since March.
  • Million Americans received a third treatment based on diminished immunity.
  • Only 2.8 percent of the African continent is fully vaccinated.

The figure of 15 million is far higher than the underestimate because it is based on self-reported data from pharmacies, states, and other providers, citing a response it received to a request for public data, reports NDTV.

Doses thrown away

At least seven states and important federal agencies are absent. The reasons for the dose wastage vary with fractured vials, dilution errors, freezer failures, and more doses in a bottle than persons with the limited scope of usage of a bottle after a puncture of many hours. The announcement comes as less-developed countries are struggling with supply shortages to vaccinate their populations. According to public information collected, the African continent is just 2.8 percent fully vaccinated.

Additional doses

The United States has provided approximately 440 million doses, and 52% of its people have been vaccinated, which could have been significantly higher. Still, for a substantial portion of the population, the vaccine hesitation remains lingering. More than a million Americans receive a third treatment based on diminished immunity eight months following the second dose.

Maintaining “equity”

Tim Doran, professor of medical policy at York University, said that “it’s an equity issue. It is an equity issue. You have a very rich country which mainly throws vaccines away with good access to vaccines.” In the medium and low-income countries, the USA pledged around 600 million doses and had donated 110 million.

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Source: NDTV


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