HHI Develops CO2 Injection Platform in partnership with KNOC


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. and Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, have developed a Korean-type CO2 injection platform in partnership with Korea National Oil Corp, says an article published in Business Korea.

Developing the platform

Offshore carbon dioxide injection platforms store carbon dioxide transported from the land through transport ships or pipelines under sea floors.

The three companies developed the platform in order to store 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year under a gas field in the East Sea starting from 2025. They are planning to store a total of 12 million tons of carbon dioxide in the gas field, which will stop producing gas soon.

Storing CO2 under the seafloor

They signed an agreement on a government-sponsored carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in April. CCS is a technology that collects carbon dioxide from large sources such as industrial facilities, compresses it, and stores it on land or under a seafloor.

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Source: BussinessKorea


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