30,000-ton Chemical Tanker Runs Aground


The chemical tanker Chemroad Journey ran aground in South China Sea on 28 nautical miles south off Phu Quy island in Vietnam.

What happened?

The vessel was en route from Saudi Arabia to China, carrying 30,000 tonnes of industrial chemicals, including Butyraldehyde, Ethylene Glycol, Ethyl hexanol, Ethanol Amine, as well as 170 tons of fuel oil and 113 tonnes of diesel oil, but stuck into the a shallow near the Vietnamese coast and hardly stuck.

Compartment flooded:

Following grounding the ship suffered breaches and some compartments started flooding. The vessel tilted by 15 degrees to port board and the bad weather causes immediate danger for the seafarers. The local authorities were information about the accident and at the scene were sent rescue boats, on which were evacuated all the 26 crew members from chemical tanker Chemroad Journey.

Situation monitored:

The local authorities closely monitor the situation of the ship ran aground, while preparing all the means ready to respond. The salvage is contracted and will be started within 48 hours.

During the accident there were no reported injuries and no water pollution.

Rescue efforts hampered by typhoon:

The weather in vicinity is bad, which additionally worsen the situation with the troubled chemical tanker. The impact of the typhoon combined with Southwest monsoon activity at the South China Sea area will cause rain showers and thunderstorms with gusts and gusts of 6-8.

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Source: TuoiTreNews