Tanker Slams into Lock Gate, Catches Fire


On June 12, 2017, past 6 a.m. the “Kraichgau II”, slammed into the collision shelter of the Schwabenheim lock on the Neckar.

What happened?

The ship was unable to stop in time due to an engine malfunction and pushed against the securing device. From the engine room heavy smoke emerged, so that the fire brigade Dossenheim and the rescue services were notified, among them the DLRG and the volunteer fire rescue Edingen-Neckarhausen beside the water police.

Fire brought under control:

A large number of rescue forces were set in motion by the Integrated Control Center Rhein-Neckar. The engine compartment was controlled by the fire brigade as well as by the water police. However, there was no reason for the strong smoke development.

Back power blamed for fire accident:

The tanker was pulled out of the lock chamber and moored at the quay. The shipping was blocked until 11 a.m. when the lock was repaired. The investigations were completed in the early afternoon. A technical defect of the engine was excluded. The expert assumed that a mistake in connection with the changeover from advance to back power was the cause for the accident. This faulty operation also led to the very strong smoke development of the main engine.

Investigation underway:

The crew of two onboard were not injured. The tanker had been detained after the accident. The water protection police as well as the water and shipping office took over the investigation. The lock operations were stopped for the duration of the investigation.

The ban is predicted to be lifted in the early afternoon, the ship continued its voyage to Mannheim where it berthed in the afternoon of June 12.

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Source: Rhein Neckar Zeitung