5 Things You Need To Know About The Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Covid death rate 25% higher in Greater Manchester.
  • Malta, Madeira, and Balearics on the green travel list.
  • Disabled people forgotten during Covid, BBC research reveals.
  • Long Covid didn’t exist in kids’- false.
  • FA not selling tickets for England’s quarter-final in Rome

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic. New research into coronavirus impact and green travel list expanded says an article on BBC.

1. Covid death rate 25% higher in Greater Manchester – report

A higher death rate in Greater Manchester and a decline in life expectancy across the northwest of England as a result of Covid have emerged in the new research.

The study found Greater Manchester’s Covid-19 death rate was 25% higher than that of England as a whole in the 13 months to March 2021 and life expectancy in the region fell by 1.6 years for men and 1.2 years for women in 2020. The average fall in England was by 1.3 years and 0.9 years respectively.

2. Malta, Madeira, and Balearics on green travel list

The green list of countries has been expanded and now there is no need to self-isolate when returning to the UK from Malta, Madeira, and the Balearic Islands as well as a number of UK overseas territories, including Antigua, Barbados, and Grenada. But the additions, apart from Malta, will be on the “green watchlist”, which means if things change then they risk being moved to the amber or red lists.

3. Disabled people forgotten during Covid, BBC research reveals

Thousands of deaf and disabled people across the UK have told the BBC of the devastating impact the pandemic has had on their lives.

Most said their disability had worsened and more than 2,400 said routine, often vital, medical appointments had been canceled. Disability charity Scope said the findings confirmed disabled people’s needs “had been forgotten

4. ‘The doctor told me long Covid didn’t exist in kids’

16-year-old Liliana Jackson caught Coronavirus expecting it to only last a week or two. But months later she was still experiencing repeated flare-ups including skin rashes, nerve pain, chest cramps, and severe fatigue.

5. FA not selling tickets for England’s quarter-final in Rome

As England’s footballers concentrate on preparing for the quarter-finals of the Euro 2020 tournament, so will fans. The team, who beat the German side for the first time in the knock-out stage of a major competition since the 1966 World Cup final, will be traveling to Rome for their next fixture against Ukraine on Saturday. But there’s little chance for fans hoping to travel to the Italian capital for the match.

Italy is on the UK’s amber list, and also has its own quarantine rules in place so for most UK travelers the best-case scenario would mean arriving there only to be stuck watching the match in a hotel room. And the Football Association has said it will not be selling tickets because of that

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Source: BBC


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