93 Productive Websites To Visit In Your Free Time!


The Internet is a vast and growing digital place where millions of people from around the globe have a unique opportunity to connect with one another. That’s what makes it so great, right? The problem is that most people aren’t spending the time they should doing anything productive online.

Learning new 

If you’re serious about learning something new, making money, or connecting with other cultures, you have that ability with nothing more than an Internet connection. Make sure you’re not leaving yourself out of this amazing digital world. One hundred years ago people didn’t have this kind of opportunity.

Today, you basically have the entire human knowledge in the palm of your hand. What you choose to do with this power is completely up to you. You can play games, look up funny videos, and share cute cat pictures with your friends, or you can teach yourself, learn new things, discover new ideas, and seek intelligence. The bottom line is that your life is in your own hands.

Small steps

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Today I’ve collected an incredible list of valuable resources for you to check out. The following websites will help you spend your time wisely when you’re bored.

Although each site will not appeal to everyone, I believe you’ll find at least a couple that will help you learn, grow, and actually improve your life.


Productive Websites To Help Bust Your Boredom

  1. Bitdegree.org: BitDegree is an online educational platform full of online courses focusing on IT and digital skills for the workplace. BitDegree is the first blockchain powered educational platform, meaning students are able to earn cryptocurrency tokens while they learn.
  2. Howtoacademy.com – Learn from the world’s most influential artists and thinkers to share their insights and ideas in livestreams and live events.
  3. Openculture.com: This website provides the best free cultural and educational media the web has to offer. While browsing the site you’ll find free university courses, audio books, movies, ebooks, language lessons, and much more.
  4. Fastcompany.com: Fast Company provides outstanding article on innovation, technology, economics, leadership, and design. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply an enthusiast this website is bound to teach you new things.
  5. Duolingo.com: I actually use this website frequently (I’m currently learning Spanish). They offer FREE language education to people all over the world. Basically, they’ll teach you a language in exchange for some translations. If you want to learn a new language this website is a great start.
  6. Sellermotor.com: Gives all the tips and tools you would need to do Amazon business. Ad automation, traffic acquisition and product research, all made easy.
  7. Khanacademy.com: If you haven’t at least heard about this site, you need to get with the times. They offer thousands of educational videos on almost every topic you can imagine. Best part? It’s totally free of charge.
  8. Medium.com: A place to write and share ideas, stories, and opinions.
  9. Ted.com: Ted offers free presentations from intelligent people from almost every profession. Why not spend the next 30 minutes learning something new? Their talks are thought provoking, inspiring, and sometimes mind blowing.
  10. Gamesforthebrain.com: Maybe this isn’t your cup of tea, not really mine, but if you’re one of the many people who love brain-training games, this is the site for you. They offer endless quizzes and games to keep you on your toes.
  11. Vocabulary.com: Well, you heard the name. If you’re looking to expand on your vocabulary online, this is going to be your best resource.
  12. Howtodothings.com: So, if you’ve ever been curious as to how to do, well, anything, this is your go-to spot. They teach a little of everything; totally worth checking out.
  13. Freerice.com: I used to play this in high school on occasion. It’s a quiz put out by the United Nations World Food Program. Every time you answer a question correctly, you feed someone who is starving. How cool is that?
  14. Lifehacker.com: This is a great site for all to enjoy. Just as the name suggests, Lifehacker will help you hack your life and be more productive.
  15. Goodreads.com: A great site for those who love to read. Goodreads allows you to connect with fellow book lovers to figure out what book you should read next. You can also read reviews, add friends, discuss your favorite books, and basically discover great literature. I think they solve a great problem. The reality is that you cannot read every single book in the world before you die, so why try? Instead you should focus on reading books that are worth your time.
  16. Coursera.org: If you’re looking for some great information about a little bit of everything, check this site out. It’s clearly one of the best free educational sites to empower and improve your life.
  17. Codeacademy.com: If you want to learn how to code, this website is a great start. Codecademy currently offers the following programming languages: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Python, and PHP.
  18. Cooklet.com: When you run out of cool new recipes to try at home, check this out!
  19. Academicearth.com: Great site to check out some real college lectures that will keep you up to date on everything happening in your industry.
  20. Lizardpoint.com: Test your geography knowledge with interactive map quizzes.
  21. Mathrun.net: This reminds me a little too much of “mad minutes” growing up. Timed math quizzes are yours for the taking here.
  22. Classicshorts.com: This is a great collection of short stories for anyone who loves to read.
  23. Memrise.com: This site is a personal favorite of mine; it helps you learn vocabulary, languages, history, science, trivia and much more.
  24. Justinguitar.com: This great site shows you how to play the guitar. Includes videos, MP3’s, and ebooks.
  25. Musictheory.net: If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about music theory, here’s your place!
  26. Mint.com: If you’re having budget problems I feel bad for you son, to handle my finances I got mint.com (I’ll stick with my day job). Mint is a great tool to see when every single penny is going.
  27. Printwhatyoulike.com: This site allows you to print whatever you want from any website.
  28. Privnote.com: Self-destructing notes, sort of like snapchat for text-only.
  29. Freecycle.com: A list of people near you who are giving away things for free.
  30. Couchsurfing.com: A network of people ready at any moment to allow you to sleep on their couch.
  31. Heavens-above.com: This allows you to watch and follow all your favorite stars and constellations.
  32. Spreeder.com: Helps you to learn to read and comprehend things faster than ever before.
  33. Ptable.com: If you’re taking chemistry, check this out, a fully-interactive periodic table.
  34. Retailmenot.com: This site offers coupons for almost any product you could imagine. Before buying something online, be sure to go here first.
  35. Joinme.com: Allows anyone to join your computer and see your screen.
  36. Scribblemaps.com: Ever wanted to draw all over a map and share it with your friends? Well, if you have, here is your answer.
  37. Rhymer.com: Great resource for anything rhyming. Just look up a word.
  38. Mapofthedead.com: Shows you everywhere near you that could save you during the zombie outbreak.
  39. Ripetrack.com: For the healthy ones among us, find out when your fruits and veggies are ripe.
  40. Paperbackswap.com: I just learned about this, can’t wait to use it. You can trade books with other people.
  41. Showmedo.com: Open source software for you to check out and learn with video tutorials.
  42. Page99test.com: This site allows you to read page 99 of a book. Why? To judge the writing of a book before buying it.
  43. Getrichslowly.org: Looking to find a way to fix your finances? Check this out!
  44. Thedatingspecialist.com: It’s like Hitch, only no Will Smith, great tips for your dates.
  45. Hackaday.com: Gives you a new DIY project every single day, with how-tos.
  46. Thesimpledollar.com: A great site that helps you with your personal finances.
  47. Mentalfloss.com: A place of random knowledge yours for the harvesting.
  48. Studyblue.com: Gives you all the tips you would need to learn how to study and be a better student.
  49. Lettersofnote.com: Famous people have written letters before, and here you can see and read them.
  50. Lesswrong.com: A site dedicated to helping you learn how to be a more rational person and think critically.
  51. Grovo.com: This website helps you sharpen your internet skills. It’s nothing over the top, but quite useful to maybe teach your parents or non-tech savvy people.
  52. Lumosity.com: Provides scientifically designed tests to challenge your brain. The tests are fun and creative. The site allows you to improve your attention, problem solving skills, speed, and memory recall.
  53. Erowid.org: Learn about different drugs and their effects on the human body.
  54. Unplugthetv.com: Stop wasting your life watching mind-numbing television. This website randomly shows you videos that are actually going to make you smarter and open your mind.
  55. Artofmanliness.com: Learn how to be a man.
  56. Zenhabits.net: Declutter your life, improve yourself, find simplicity, and focus on what’s important in your life.
  57. Topdocumentaryfilms.com: Watch free documentaries online.
  58. Quora.com: A question and answer website with a vibrant community of intellectuals.
  59. Reddit.com:  A huge social news and entertainment website where people submit content, vote on it, and talk about it.
  60. Dailywritingtips.com: Improve your writing.
  61. Smarthistory.khanacademy.org: Learn about the history of art.
  62. Exposureguide.com: Become a better photographer.
  63. Highexistence.com: Expand your consciousness, become a freethinking individual, and explore every aspect of the human condition.
  64. Thesecretdoor.com: With the help of Google Maps, step into a different destination anywhere in the world when you push the secret door.
  65. Behance: Graphic artist or not, you will find this site a treasure trove of inspiration and resource about all things photography, graphic design, illustration, animation, architecture, and more.
  66. Gravity Points: Learn how gravity works in this cool simulation. Create as many black holes by clicking on the screen and watch how the particles react.
  67. Asoftmurmur.com: For those who need a little ambient noise when they’re working or studying, you can customize your very own using the soothing sounds of rain, wind, fire, waves, or crickets in this website.
  68. Agoodmovietowatch.com: Discover something good to watch on your favorite streaming services.
  69. Ineedaprompt.com: Writer’s block? Find millions of writing prompts to get you started on your next creative masterpiece.
  70. Canva: Create amazing graphics. From social media ads, logos, posters, and flyers, to cards, presentations, resumes, and even animations, this is one site you should have bookmarked a long time ago.
  71. Big Think: Visit this multi-medium web portal for interviews, discussions, and presentations from experts in different fields.
  72. Forgotify: Find millions of forgotten or partially played songs on Spotify.
  73. 100,000 Stars: This is a great visualization of nearby stars in our galaxy. Take a tour and learn more about the closest stars in our solar system.
  74. The Wayback Machine: Want to see what your favorite websites used to look like in the 90s? Now you can, thanks to this cool platform.
  75. Smithsonian Magazine: Learn stuff from history and technology without the jargon. Plus get information about the Smithsonian museum right on your fingertips.
  76. Onread.com: Get access to over 1 million books with a free account. Read the titles you’ve always wanted as well as upload stories to share with fellow users online.
  77. Timelapse: See how the world has changed over time with a little help from Google’s satellite photography.
  78. SuperCook: Be a hero in the kitchen by simply putting in the ingredients you have, and let this website suggest meals for you to serve. Also comes with an app you can download on iTunes or Google Play.
  79. Apartment Therapy: Use your spare time to finally learn a thing or two on how to spice up your old room, or maybe find interior design inspiration.
  80.  Grammarly.com: Make sure your grammar is always impeccable with this super practical online tool.
  81. Meetup.com: Find happenings in your area and meet up with people of the same interests.
  82. Sporcle: Love trivia, word puzzles, or random quizzes? The visit this site for tons of ideas, as well as cool stuff for kids and kids at heart.
  83. Habitica: Always wanted to develop good habits but never quite found the momentum? Then let this website help you ‘get into new habits’ using a gamify system that’s not only fun, but also productive.
  84. Speaking.io: This FREE guide by Zach Holman will teach you a thing or two about public speaking.
  85. 80000hours.org: Use your available time to understand problems in the world and how you (in your current career) can help find solutions, together with other experts.
  86. Snopes: formerly known as the Urban Legends Reference Pages, use this platform to fact-check on some of the Web’s most viral stories.
  87. PayScale: Whether you’re an employee or an employer, find out if you’re compensated appropriately using this tool’s insights. Register for free to know more.
  88. Instructables: Find all kinds of user-created DIY projects and crafts, with easy step-by-step instructions.
  89. Truity: Understand who you are and what makes you, ‘you’, with free personality tests, such as the DISC assessment and the Enneagram test.
  90. Pinterest: Scroll through millions of ideas – everything from cooking, design, stories, to gadgets, how-to’s, and travel.
  91. Mint: Sign up for free and learn how to better manage your budget, investments, credit, and more.
  92. HowStuffWorks: Find the answers to your most pressing questions about cars, animals, money, culture, and anything around the sun.
  93. The Muse: Whether you’re looking for a new career or you’re new to the job world, discover companies, advice, coaching, and more in this site.

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