[Watch] Shackleton’s Legendary Ship Finally Found


In the history of the sea, Ernest Shackleton was legendary. When his ship, the Endurance, sank off Antarctica in 1915, he was forever etched into history.

Remarkable escape

Shackleton and his crew accomplished a remarkable escape by living for more than a year on drifting ice floes in addition to getting off the ship. The Endurance was ultimately found, but everyone was saved.

Explorers started looking for the epic disaster in 2022. They found the Endurance in the Weddell Sea, which is also aptly referred to as the “worst sea in the world” due to how hazardous and challenging it is to traverse. Despite all the crushing, the team found that the Endurance remained astonishingly undamaged and preserved, lying 4 miles (6 km) from where it had been initially crushed by pack ice.

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Source: List Verse


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