A 4 Year Old Saves Her Mom



Maya Turner, a 4-year-old girl, called 999 to save her mom who blacked out without warning.

Earlier, Maya and her mom Michelle drew a picture of an ambulance, wrote the letters 999 on it and left it by the phone.  The drawing prompted Maya to call 999 to help her mom who blacked out and ended up on the bathroom floor.

The call was attended by the ambulance operator Sam Murfin, who heard the tearful voice of the tot saying, “My mummy’s fallen over (sic).  She’s still on the floor.”  She managed to provide him with her address and stayed on the line with Sam for seven minutes despite desperately needing the toilet.

Maya’s Mum said: “It was good planning because I passed out without warning and woke up on the floor with paramedics and police surrounding me – along with a sobbing little girl.”

Maya was presented with a certificate and the Laverick Medal for her heroic act.

Source: Lincolnshire Echo