Open Marine Training Courses from Alfa Laval



Alfa Laval had been conducting tailor-made marine training courses for specific customers designed to let them take advantage of its specialist expertise.  The customers need understand the equipment they work with and the many factors that impact its operation for safety and efficiency.

Customer-focused courses are regularly conducted at Alfa Laval’s premises in Tumba, Sweden and also worldwide in places, such as Manila, where around 500 customers are trained each year.  An open course means opportunities to exchange experience with industry peers in similar positions, facilitated by Alfa Laval experts who can provide deeper insights and lead the way to best practices for all present.

The open training courses will be for equipment operators, technical crew and superintendents.  This course will take place 23rd-25th February, 2016.

The advantages are:

  1. Alfa Laval experts will help participants to optimize safety and ensure the correct handling that prevents unnecessary wear and stops.
  2. Customers will understand their equipment and be familiar with the issues and be able use that equipment in the best possible way
  3. That will contribute not only to lower maintenance costs, but also to lower operating costs.
  4. The competent personnel will be able to suggest the right choice when refreshing or replacing  equipment.

Source: Alfalaval


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