A $7.5 Billion Transformational Project In Ascension Parish


A $7.5 billion transformational project in Ascension Parish is being proposed in collaboration between Clean Hydrogen Works, Denbury Carbon Solutions, and Hafnia.

About the Ascension Clean Energy (ACE) Project

Ascension Clean Energy is a large-scale clean hydrogen-ammonia production and export project that is being developed by Clean Hydrogen Works (CHW), project shareholders Denbury Carbon Solutions, a subsidiary of Denbury, Inc. and the largest CO2 pipeline operator in the U.S., and Hafnia (ACE).

This breakthrough initiative, which is expected to cost $7.5 billion, would offer a practical and scalable method to decarbonizing the world’s energy use.

We have selected 1,700 acres strategically positioned in Donaldsonville’s industrial RiverPlex MegaPark on the West Bank of the Mississippi River for the project. This location is perfect to establish Louisiana as an innovator in the global energy transition due to its closeness to feedstock pipelines, direct access to the Mississippi River, and existing infrastructure.

This is consistent with Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan, particularly with the state’s objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This integrated, cutting-edge facility will generate an anticipated 350 direct new employment in Ascension Parish and produce 7.2 million metric tonnes of ammonia annually, giving locals the chance to be at the vanguard of the shift to sustainable energy.

Project construction & operation

Another benefit of the project’s construction and operation is the state’s highly educated and competent personnel. Shareholders in the project are dedicated to collaborating with local leaders in the community and in education to offer routes for further education and employment prospects for the labour force in the area.

A capture rate of up to 98% would be used by ACE during its production process to remove an estimated 12 million metric tonnes of CO2 yearly. Technologies that could result in carbon-free or even carbon-negative hydrogen-ammonia generation at the facility are currently being investigated.

Denbury is a well-known industry pioneer in CO2 storage and transportation, and its years of expertise as the country’s largest CO2 pipeline operator make them an excellent business partner. Hafnia’s fleet of best-in-class tankers is perfectly suited to assist in the development of secure, enduring, and effective methods for transporting clean hydrogen ammonia from ACE to developing clean energy markets around the world.

Throughout this process, we are committed to transparency and open, two-way communication with ACE stakeholders. We will also work together to build a project that both the business and the community can be proud of.

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Source: Hydrogen Central


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