A Greek-flagged Ferry Sinks at Piraeus Port



A docked ferry started sinking at Greek port of Piraeus on Tuesday, April 26.  Apparently no one on board, hence no reports of injury.

Reports say that the 5,500-ton vessel started taking on water early on Tuesday and started listing dangerously.  Two tug boats were rushed to the scene to help in pumping out excess water from the ship.  Due to the reason that it has to be docked at the same place for the whole year, the ship could have lost its stability.

The ferry once responsible for the route from Piraeus to the popular holiday islands of Syros was beached off Folkestone during the Great Storm of 1987. It got confiscated by the state a few years ago due to outstanding debts by operator Ventouris Sea Lines.

To watch video, please click here

Source: Kent Online


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