Bulk Carrier Grounds and Causes Damage to Corals



Incident Vessel grounding
Date Since 20th April 2016
Vessel type Bulk carrier
Location Off the ancestral waters of Barangay Aramaywan
Casualties Nil

A Chinese registered bulk carrier, that was carrying a cargo of nickel ore, ran aground off the ancestral waters of Barangay Aramaywan on 20th April 2016.  The reports say that as of 25th April, the vessel is still stranded in the sea.  It is feared that the stranded vessel might have damaged the corals in that area.

Also, there is a concern that the ship, which belongs to a mining firm, has damaged the natural resources in the ancestral waters and nearby fish sanctuary which they have kept under tight watch.  In order to prevent the vessel from leaking oil or nickel ore into the sea, the local authorities have requested the national government to inspect the stranded ship.

The Vessel was en route to Berong, nickel corporation terminal, in Quezon province.

Source: ABS-CBN News


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