A Movie In Honour Of Brave US Coast Guards


Finest Hours is a movie directed by Craig Gillespie.  The movie is based on a bestselling book written in 2009 by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman.  The movie is slated for worldwide release in January 2016.

The story behind the book and movie is based on a real life incident that took place on February 18th 1952, at sea off Cape Cod.

The Oil tanker SS Pendleton, later proved to have been constructed using poor quality steel, snapped in two parts when it was caught in a horrific gale storm.  The Ship’s captain and seven crewmen were caught in the bow section of the sinking vessel.

The storyline is based on how a four-man USCG crew braved the 60 foot waves and winds at 70 knot speed to save the Ship’s crew trapped in the stern section of vessel.  By using only a 36 foot motorised boat, the USCG men carried out one of the most daring rescue mission in coast guard history.  

The movie is made from the perspective of the coast guard rescue team that rescued the stranded crew from the mangled tanker.