A Product Tanker Collides Off Taiwan Strait


A Product tanker collided with a fishing vessel, southeast of Quanzhou, Taiwan Strait.


Accident type: Collision
Vessels involvedHu You 8  and Min Shi Yu
Location: Southeast of Quanzhou, Taiwan Strait.
Casualties: 1 crew of fishing boat injured.
Oil spill: Information Not clear.

On 4th November during the mid day, the product tanker Hu You 8 collided with a fishing vessel Min Shi Yu off Taiwan Strait.  The product tanker carried 2976 tons of gasoline.

The collision caused heavy damage to the tanker.  It suffered breach in bow and portside tank 5 areas.  Due to heavy water ingress the tanker developed a list achieving 20 degrees.

Ballasting and disbursing of cargo stabilised the tanker and it was escorted by the coast guard ships to Meizhou Bay.  The ship is anchored and salvage underway.

The fishing vessel was not seriously damaged except for minor damages in the bow area.  It reached the Shishi port under own power.  One crew on board of fishing vessel was injured and later hospitalized.

No clear information about leakage is available.

Source: Fleetmon