Sanmar Chooses Caterpillar’s Propulsion Units



Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey has signed a Letter of Intent for the supply of an extensive range of propulsion units over the next three years from Caterpillar Marine.  It confirms Caterpillar Marine’s position as the leading power solutions  provider in the tugboat sector.

The Letter of Intent covers the supply of at least 84 (26x Cat C32, 22x Cat 3512C, 36x Cat 3516C) propulsion engines and 86 (86x Cat C4.4) generator sets which will be supplied before 2018.  The engines will primarily provide tug boats  bollard pulls of between 60 and 85 tonnes.

Caterpillar has been recognised by Sanmar shipyards for the innovative design features incorporated in the company’s engines like specially-designed ductile cast-iron engine blocks (for extra strength and stiffness) which improve the overall stability of the engine when running at full load for maximum bollard pull.  The   engines are optimized to provide the optimal power-to-weight ratios without compromising material quantity or strength.

The changing profile of the tugboat sector looks for fewer but larger tugboat operators  to meet the very best standards on sustainability.  Demand is shifting to innovative tugboats capable of meeting bollard pull more efficiently.  The Cat engines provide such capability.

Mark Harrison, Caterpillar Marine Regional Sales Manager is delighted to have the seal of approval from one of the industry’s leaders.  Tugs need high reliability at increased engine power with quicker acceleration while at the same time providing lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and increased sustainability.  Cat marine engines have proven over many years to deliver this to our customers in the tug boat segment.

Cat engines have advanced control and monitoring systems but are easy to operate and maintain.  The company’s constant customer support and after-sales services are a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and sound human relations.  Cat marine power and propulsion solutions are backed by the worldwide Cat dealer network with trained technicians to ensure service support is never out of reach.

Source: Caterpillar


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