A Webinar To Meet Consumer Needs In Tough Circumstances

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Challenging times for businesses

Inflation, recession, uncertainty. The current economic landscape is creating challenging times for businesses across the world.

How can they maintain business growth now that consumer spending has become more thorough and cautious?

Join our live webinar, ‘Unpacking Omnichannel: Meeting customer demands in challenging times’ to learn how businesses can achieve smarter efficiencies while being resilient and sustainable in 2023. Gain practical advice, hear real-life examples and ask your pressing questions on how to adapt to economic uncertainties and maintain growth.

Meet the speakers

Kirstin Mennell

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Kirstin currently leads Fashion & Luxury Operations for BCG across Europe, and helps global brands and retailers unlock growth through business model evolution.

Dr. Christoph Tripp

Professor of Distribution and Retail Logistics
Technical University of Nuremberg

Christoph is an expert, author, moderator, podcaster, speaker and trainer. He specialises in the fields of distribution, logistics networks, consumer behaviour, omnichannel logistics, outsourcing and process management in e-commerce, stationary retail and wholesale companies.

Naud Frese

Head of E-Commerce Logistics,
Europe Maersk

With a strong customer solution focus and with extensive experience in supply chain management, last-mile logistics and E-Commerce Fulfilment, Naud is skilled in setting up strong customer relationships and co-creating new customer driven value propositions.

What you’ll learn

  • How supply chain conversations have changed based on consumer trends, and what s next
  • How companies are balancing different supply chain and customer demands
  • The biggest developments in omnichannel delivery

Can t make the live session? We’ll be streaming it from Monday, 5 June, for a limited time.

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Learn about unpacking omnichannel for your business growth.

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